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The advantages and disadvantages of various valves, respectively, for which occasions

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The general can be divided into two categories:
The first type of automatic valve: rely on the media (liquid, gas) itself and the ability to self-action of the valve, such as check valve,
Safety valve, regulating valve, trap, pressure reducing valve and so on.
The second type of drive valve: with manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic to manipulate the action of the valve. Such as gate valve, globe valve,
Throttle valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve and so on.
In addition, the classification of the valve there are several ways:
First, according to the structural characteristics, according to the closing parts relative to the direction of movement of the valve seat can be divided into:
1. Cut-off: The closure moves along the center of the valve seat.
2. Gate: The closure moves along the center of the vertical seat.
3. Cocks and Spheres: Closed pieces are plungers or balls that rotate around their centerline.
4. The closing member rotates around the axis outside the valve seat.
5. A disc that closes a part and rotates around an axis in a seat.
6. Slip valve: The closing member slides in the direction perpendicular to the channel.
Second, according to the purpose, according to the different uses of the valve can be divided into:
1. Open to use: to connect or cut off the pipeline medium, such as cut-off valve, gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve.
2. Use: to prevent media backflow, such as check valve.
3. Adjustment: used to adjust the pressure and flow of media, such as regulating valve, pressure reducing valve.
4. Distribution: used to change the media flow, distribution media, such as three-way cock, distribution valve, slide valve and so on.
5. Safety valve: when the medium pressure exceeds the specified value, used to discharge excess media, to ensure that the pipeline system and set
Safety, such as safety valve, accident valve.
6. His special purpose: such as traps, vent valves, sewage valves and so on
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