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The five advantages of bellows globe valve

Writer:CondiDate:2017-2-21 13:24
Bellows cut-off valve with bellows as a valve stem sealing element, the valve stem parts can be leaked to prevent the media leakage of the cut-off valve. No fluid loss Increased use of energy efficiency Increased safety of production equipment Reduced maintenance costs and frequent maintenance to reduce operating costs and also provides a clean and safe working environment. The most suitable for steam, flammable, explosive, heat transfer oil, high purity, toxic and other media on the pipeline.
Internal use of bellows structure, stainless steel bellows welded to the lower end of the valve stem to prevent the process of fluid erosion valve stem. The other end placed between the valve body and the valve cover to form a static seal. Using a double seal design If the bellows failure stem packing will also avoid leakage, bellows welded to the stem to maintain a stable operating performance, to avoid the valve plug vibration caused by stem vibration.
Bellows cut-off valve Features:
1, to prevent leakage and in line with international sealing standards.
2, long life to reduce the number of maintenance to reduce operating costs.
3, no fluid loss to reduce energy loss to improve plant equipment safety.
4, rugged bellows seal design to ensure zero leakage of the stem to provide no maintenance conditions.
5, double seal design (bellows + filler) If the bellows failure, stem packing will be avoided.

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