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The Checking Method of Safety Valve and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Writer:condiDate:2017-2-21 11:29
To the full inspection of the safety valve of the skills performance indicators need to be full performance experiments, the most basic requirements of the experiment is to have a practical operating conditions, and even more than the actual operation of the situation. This experimental device in addition to high temperature and high pressure vessels and other equipment, but also with a variety of parameters of the rapid measurement equipment, and to ensure that a large flow of high temperature and high pressure steam source, costly.
Calibration is part of the safety valve test and is the primary project for the factory experiment. Often the factory is usually used at room temperature safety valve calibration platform for air pressure adjustment and sealing test. Safety valve room temperature calibration platform can only do open pressure setting and sealing test.
(1) where the safety valve needs to be verified
1) long time to store or first use before
2) Periodic verification
3) Severely damaged and rusted valves
4) Valve nameplate lost valve
5) Seal the damaged valve
(2) adjust the meaning of the pressure and approach
GB pressure of the seat of the return pressure refers to the safety valve to reach the discharge situation, the media pressure drops to a certain value, the valve flap from the seat and then touch, that is, open height becomes zero, the valve inlet static pressure, Low too high is not good, too low will form the loss of medium and energy, too high to reach emissions, the formation of the valve frequency jump, the principle is to reach the case of emissions as much as possible to increase the pressure back seat Media and energy loss.
(3) adjustment method
Back to the pressure is through the conditioning circle to adjust the principle of conditioning is the gap principle, the smaller the gap, the greater the resistance when ejected, the greater the force to support the spool down, the more difficult to return, on the contrary, the greater the gap, Spool the more simple down, the higher the pressure back seat.
As long as the conditioning circle of the safety valve, conditioning circle to the upward, back seat pressure drop, conditioning circle down, back seat pressure increase; on the upper and lower conditioning circle of the safety valve, the upper and lower conditioning circle interval decreases, back seat pressure drop , The upper and lower conditioning circle of the interval increases, back seat pressure increases.
(4) check the way and its advantages and disadvantages
Safety valve calibration field calibration (online calibration) and calibration platform calibration of the two methods, the conditions should be allowed to verify in the field, as the field calibration more practical operating conditions, so more reliable.
The advantages of on-site verification: easy to check the safety valve, can be measured back seat pressure, accurate measurement.
Defects are calibrated for a long time, the system to repeat the boost, not economic, more dangerous, can not do the sealing experiment.
Safety valve room temperature calibration platform of the advantages and disadvantages:
A. Treatment of room temperature and operating temperature of 250 ° C below the safety valve setting and leak detection.
B. Determine the small size of the safety valve opening pressure, save the adjustment time of the new safety valve, reduce the labor intensity, reduce energy consumption and reduce the operational risk.
C. There is an operating temperature and the error at room temperature (tension spring at high temperature softening), can not check the back seat pressure.
Black gold net safety valve calibration table can be divided into digital table control and computer control, digital form can be completed 1) to collect the starting pressure, back seat pressure 2) pressure time, pressure, pressure set 3) The selection of 4) clamping force of the selection of the end of the semi-active inspection, different from other manufacturers produced manual control type. The computer control-type safety valve calibration platform selection of the United States NI data collection software, powerful, functional stability, all the experimental process can take the initiative in the computer end, can show the pressure curve, the experimental parameters can be set freely, such as experimental pressure , Hold pressure moment, promised pressure drop and so on.

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