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Soft seal gate valve advantages and disadvantages of what

Writer:condiDate:2017-2-17 10:22

For a long time the market used in the general gate valve, the prevalence of leakage, easy to rust phenomenon, soft seal gate valve is a traditional valve replacement products, has significant advantages, its wide range of applications. Next, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of the soft seal gate.

Soft Seal Gate Advantages:
1, flat bottom seat: the bottom of the same flat with the water pipe design, not easy to cause debris deposition, so that fluid unimpeded.
2, the overall package plastic: valve plate with high quality rubber for the whole inside and outside the plastic package, and rubber and ductile iron gate connected to a solid, easy to fall off and flexible memory good.
3, corrosion-resistant: the valve body with non-toxic foam epoxy coating, to prevent the body corrosion and rust, for drinking.
4, not easy to break: the traditional cast iron gate valve often due to external objects hit, collision or overlap caused by fracture and so on. As this valve switch to ductile iron, this situation can be greatly reduced.
5, three "O" ring ring: As the stem with three "O" ring seal seal design, can reduce the friction when the switch resistance, a significant reduction in water leakage and can not stop the construction of the replacement seal.
6, cast valve body: the valve body with precision casting, accurate geometry makes the valve body without any finishing to ensure that the valve seal.
Soft seal gate valve Disadvantages:
1, sealing surface easy to damage, affecting the sealing performance and service life.
2, open and close a long time, height, installation space is larger.
3, the structure is complex, the gate valve generally have two sealing surface, to the processing, grinding and maintenance increased difficulties, more parts, manufacturing and maintenance more difficult and costly.
Know the advantages and disadvantages of the soft seal gate valve, I believe your mind is more numerous, can make the best choice. Although there are shortcomings, but flawed, I think with the development of science and technology, soft seal gate valve will be more advanced.
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