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Details of the cut valve product

Writer:condiDate:2017-2-16 11:04
    Simple structure, unique shape design, integrated body, stem and spool one-piece processing valve has a higher degree of concentricity, the use of high-strength steel stem high hardness, so that surfacing cobalt-based alloy sealing surface with enough base material Hardness support, to prevent the phenomenon of egg shell, stem spline design so that the valve switch process torque smooth and uniform. Valve resistance to erosion, durable, long life and other advantages is a good solution to the current high temperature and high pressure sewage, hydrophobic, sampling system of some problems.
Design Features:
1, bracket and valve body design, easy to quickly and easily carry out maintenance, one-time demolition of all the working parts, including the filler, and the bracket, valve, stem has the same concentricity, increase the tightness of the valve, thus To ensure that the fluid in the valve body cavity evenly flow, reduce the valve body itself to reduce the impurity is caught in the sealing surface of the probability, in fact, improve the service life of the valve.
2, all the pressure components are placed in the valve body forging, there is no possible lead to leakage of the connection parts, in the maintenance, do not need to cut any welding parts.
3, the use of high-strength stainless steel stem hardness HRC48 above the stem valve stem one, so high hardness, good corrosion resistance.
4, do not rotate the stem using spline connection, to ensure that the stem switch process torque smooth and uniform, reduce torque, to prevent the torsion damage. To ensure the service life of the filler.
5, the use of the filler is graphite graphite.
6, fully enclosed, lubrication valve stem drive system, configure the needle roller bearings to ensure that reduce operating torque, and the rotation of the stem and stem nuts with tight force, making the valve can be flexible switch, and not because of vibration and release Compression force.
7, the valve stem spool are used in high-strength stainless steel hardness in the sealing surface and then surfacing cobalt-based alloy, the valve is also surfacing cobalt-based alloy to prevent the phenomenon of eggshell, even in the harsh areas of application can also stay longer Of the service life.
8, the valve design pressure capacity of the highest nominal pressure 56Mpa.
9, stem nut in the bearing in the bearing chamber, effectively prevent dirt, dust, sand into the.
10, the valve only need to change the pressure cap and stem nuts can be manually or electric between the easy conversion, the other parts are the same, can be spare parts, electric devices can be selected according to the user requirements.
Technical Parameters:
1, the medium temperature: -23 ℃ ~ +620 ℃
2, nominal pressure: 6.4Mpa ~ 56Mpa
3, nominal through: DN6 ~ DN150
4, according to the conditions and media requirements, the valve material can be used carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, F91, F92, can also be based on special corrosive media selection of other materials
5, the use of media: water, steam, oil and corrosive media
6, Connection: butt welding, socket welding
7, when the user has special requirements, according to your specific requirements specifically designed and manufactured
If you are interested in the product, you can contact me at fanny@flange-valve.com

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