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Suggestions on application of ball valve

Writer:condiDate:2017-2-14 14:16

The install must have relevant professional do it. lead to failure and damage by difference axis deviation can not be too big of the pipeline in the both end and produce the erection stress excess from this problem.Strict implementation the standards of ISO228 for the precision of pipe thread and effective length. the standards of The M-screw is conical type and the F-screw is cylinder type.
Wrenching the Hexagonal or Octagonal in ipsilateral of the Pipe-line at install don't wrenching opposite end avoid the deformation of the valves the seal must be use the PTFE or the seal glue of the thread.
The Install of the valve must be use the relevant torque spanner or pipe wrench,screwing the effective length of the screw.In order to ensure the normal use of the valve as far as install the filters in the inlet of the pipe-line do not lead the top end the transformation from the pressure cause the leakage and damage for the surface of the globe.
The handle can not use the increase instead lest the handle is broken by the excessive force,the design of the handle according to the environment and the corresponding torque meantime the water hammer from instantaneous pressure doubly for speed close the handle.Reduce the service life by the pressure of the pipe-line or the temperature rise and fall so should design the corresponding preventive measures. 
The packing is PTFE of stem,Tighten gland to compensate packing when occur the corrosion leakage.the Ball valve of the Heating system should be use the ( or more the PN)of 1.63Mpa.


1、Smallest resistance with the fluid(by zero in fact)
2、The ball is free to bare the high pressure when it closed
3、Quickly to open and close(some components need only 0.05s-0.1s), to be assure to used in the automatic system of test bed
4、Tightly connected components, with small volume and light weight

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