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Application of Large Diameter Ventilation Butterfly Valve in Industrial Valve

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The use of metal valves has been a hundred years of history, although the structure and materials, although improved, but by the metal material of their own conditions, more and more can not adapt to high wear, strong corrosion and other harsh conditions. Mainly reflected in the short life, serious leakage greatly affected the stability of the system operation. Traditional metal valves urgently need to innovate from materials, design and manufacturing processes.

Advanced ceramic materials, as new materials in the twenty-first century, have been valued by more and more scientific workers and have been applied to industrial valves as a bold and rewarding innovation.
Ceramic material deformation is very small, much higher than the metal bonding strength, under normal circumstances the composition of the ceramic material crystal ion radius is small, and the ion electricity price is high, coordination number, these properties determine the ceramic material tensile strength, Compressive strength, elastic modulus, hardness, etc. are very high. However, the ceramic itself "brittle" and difficult to limit its application range, nearly a decade, due to martensitic transformation toughening technology, composite materials and nano-ceramic concept of the development and progress, has made the ceramic " Brittle "has been greatly improved, its toughness and strength has been greatly improved, the scope of application continues to expand.
Wear-resistant ceramic valves are mainly used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industrial fields, especially in the face of high wear, strong corrosion, high temperature, high pressure and other harsh conditions, but also shows its excellent performance. It can meet the high wear and corrosion of the use of the environment, especially prominent features is the long service life, its performance and price ratio is far superior to other similar metal valves. With the continuous development of science and technology and progress, ceramic materials from the formula, molding, processing and assembly technology and other aspects of the technology is more mature and complete, the ceramic valve with its excellent performance more and more people in the industry's identity. The successful experience of using ceramic valves can also be used in a wider range of engineering applications.
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