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What can the flange be used to do?

Writer:Fanny KangDate:2017-4-20 17:01

What can the flange be used to do?


Flange as a pipe connection can be used in many places, especially in the industrial field. But,have you ever seen the flange on the cannon? In addition,the cannon is used to slice!


Here, NightHawkInLight expands on his previous YouTube cannon builds by taking the potato gun to its logical conclusion: a potato-slicing gun. Over the course of the clip he builds a cannon with a fruit-slicing blade affixed to the end so that whatever blasts through it-potato, apple, or other delectable projectile-is shredded into a litany of pieces on the way out.

cannon with flange

Photo credit: YouTube

It's a pretty clever little project. The builder says he walked around the hardware store with his blades before realizing they could fit perfectly inside a closet flange. Potatoes does fit perfectly in this 3-inch pipe, so he uses cabbage as a sabot.

As always, don't try this at home unless you're an experienced builder.

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