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Valve installation, what do you need to pay attention to?

Writer:Fanny KangDate:2017-4-26 09:47


Valve installation

1, the installation of the valve need to clean the cavity and sealing surface, the connection bolt is evenly tightened to check whether the packing is compact.


2, the installation of the valve is in a closed state.


3, large-scale gate valve, pneumatic control valve should be installed properly, so as to avoid the large weight of the spool and tend to one side, this will produce leakage.


4, there is a set of correct installation process standards.


5, the valve should be installed in accordance with the permitted working position, but should pay attention to maintenance and operation of the convenience.


6, the installation of the valve should be so that the flow of media and the valve on the arrow marked on the same, not often open and close the need to strictly ensure that the valve does not leak in the closed state, you can reverse the installation, with the aid of media pressure to close The


7, tighten the compression screw, the valve should be in a state of micro-open, so as not to crush the top seal surface.

8, low-temperature valve in the positioning should be done before the cold in the open and closed test, requiring a flexible card without shell phenomenon.


9, the liquid valve should be configured to stem and horizontal into a 10 ° tilt angle, to avoid the liquid out of the stem, the more serious is to avoid leakage.


10, large air separation tower in the cold, in the cold under the valve flange to preload once, to prevent leakage at room temperature and leakage in the low temperature phenomenon.


11, is strictly prohibited in the installation of the stem when the scaffolding climbing.


12, all the valves in place, should be made for a closed, flexible and non-stuck for qualified.


13, the valve should generally be installed before the pipeline positioning. Piping to be natural, the location can not be hard pull, so as not to leave the prestressed.


14, non-metallic valves, and some hard and brittle, and some low strength, the operation, the opening and closing force can not be too big, in particular, can not make fierce. But also pay attention to the provision of objects away bumps.


15, in handling and installation of the valve, beware of scratches accident.


16, the new valve is used, the packing should not be too tight, so as not to leak for the degree, so that the stem pressure too much to speed up the wear and tear, but also opening and closing strenuous.


17, before the valve is installed, make sure the valve meets the design requirements and the relevant standards.

18, before the installation of the valve, the pipeline to be cleaned, remove iron and other impurities, to prevent the valve seal seat mixed with foreign body.


19, high temperature valve installed at room temperature, after use, the temperature increases, the bolts heated expansion, the gap increases, it must be tightened again, the problem should be noted that, or prone to leakage.


20, the installation of the valve to confirm the media flow, installation and hand wheel position is in line with the provisions.

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