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What should you pay attention to when using natural gas pipeline valves?

Writer:Fanny KangDate:2017-5-12 17:25
gas valve
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Gas valve is a new type of gas pipeline engineering safety supporting device; for truncating, connected, regulating the pipeline of the gas, with good control characteristics and closed sealing performance; for urban gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, Oxygen and other gas on the pipeline.
The use of natural gas pipeline valves should note the following:
1. The natural gas delivered by the pipeline contains a large amount of hydrogen sulfide (which is a toxic and highly corrosive gas) before desulfurization. Even after the process of desulfurization and other natural gas treatment, there are still residual hydrogen sulfide. So the choice of pipeline valves to choose corrosion-resistant anti-sulfur materials.
2. The current valve for urban gas pipelines are hundreds of kilometers above, only regular patrols, inspections, and sometimes the pipeline needs to pass through the complex areas, media loss may bring serious fire accidents. Especially from the city closer to the pipeline to prevent leakage is particularly important.
3. Once the pipeline is put into operation, within a few years is not allowed to stop running, not allowed to have a moment of intermittent, and no overhaul period. The pipeline in the pipeline on the pipeline once the failure, the consequences could be disastrous. So the pipeline valve wearing parts require long life.
4. Control personnel generally in the station or control room, the requirements of the valve has a reliable control performance, and requires the valve itself has protective and explosion-proof measures. Especially the long open the valve, requiring the sudden change in the situation, to be accurately cut off. So reliable control performance becomes the focus.

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