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Trunnion Ball Valve(Fixed ball valve) (2) Advantage

Writer:Fanny KangSource:Network Date:2017-5-23 17:28
1, the operation to save effort: the ball from the upper and lower bearing support, reduce friction, eliminating the pressure caused by the import of the ball and the seal seat to form a huge sealed load caused by excessive torque.
2, the sealing performance is reliable: PTFE monolithic material sealing ring embedded in the stainless steel seat, the metal valve seat at the end of the spring to ensure that the seal enough preload, the valve in the course of sealing surface wear, under the action of the spring The valve continues to ensure good sealing performance.
3, the fire structure: In order to prevent the emergence of sudden heat or fire, so that PTFE seal ring burned, a greater leakage, and contributed to the fire, in the ball and the valve seat between the fire seal ring, In the spring force, the valve seat seal ring quickly pushed to the ball, the formation of metal and metal seal, play a certain degree of sealing effect. The refractory test meets APl6FA and APl607 standards.
4, automatic pressure relief function: When the valve cavity in the middle of the medium pressure abnormal increase over the spring of the pre-force, the seat back from the ball, to achieve the effect of automatic pressure relief, relief after the valve seat automatically restored
5, the discharge line: the valve body are set up and down the drainage hole, can check whether the valve seat leakage, at work, the valve is fully open or fully closed, the unloading of the cavity pressure, can directly replace the filler; Retention, to reduce the media on the valve pollution.

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