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Trunnion Ball Valve(Fixed ball valve)(3) Application Scope

Writer:Fanny KangSource:Network Date:2017-5-24 17:08
Application scope 
Fixed ball valve for Class150 ~ Class1500, PN16 ~ PN100, JIS 10K ~ JIS 20K on a variety of piping.
The applicable temperature: -196 ~ 350 ℃. 
Used to cut off or turn on the medium in the pipeline, use different materials, It is widely used in the fields of oil refining, long-distance pipeline, chemical industry, papermaking, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, electricity, municipal, steel and so on. It is widely used in oil refining, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium and urea. The fixed ball valve is driven by worm gear, manual, pneumatic or electric. 
Fixed ball valve is generally used flange connection, but also can be used to connect the welding.
fixed ball valve

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