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Usage performance differences between 304 stainless steel and 304L

Writer:Fanny KangSource:Network Date:2017-5-31 17:21
304 304L stainless steel
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1,304 stainless steel plate corrosion resistance than 304L better.
2,304 stainless steel plate less carbon content, and 304L is relatively more.
3,304L internal nickel content than 304 stainless steel plate more;
4,304 stainless steel plate has a wider range of usage, but also has a strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, at low temperatures can also have better strength. Thermal processing performance is better, not in the heat treatment process of hardening phenomenon, and the magnetic is relatively weak.
5,304 L stainless steel plate has a better resistance to grain boundary corrosion, even without the general heat treatment, can also have a good corrosion resistance.
6,304 stainless steel plate has better welding performance, and can be comparable with 304L in anti-pitting corrosion performance.

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