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Will you choose soft valve or hard seal valve?

Date:2016-11-2 17:15

soft seal valve and hard seal valve

There are two ways of valve sealing.So,when you use valves,will you choice soft valve or hard seal valve?

Soft Seal Valve:

One side of the sealing pair is made of metal and the other side is made of flexible non-metallic materials. Such as: steel + rubber; Steel +  four fluorine polyethylene ; And so on.Therefore, this valve is called as soft seal valve.Soft seal valves have good sealing performance while poor high temperature performance, abrasion resistance and mechanical properties.

soft seal valve

Hard Seal Valve:

Both sides of the sealing pair are made of metal materials or other materials having high hardness.Such as steel + steel, steel + copper, steel + graphite and steel + alloy steel. The steel can be cast iron, cast steel, alloy steel, bead welding alloy or spraying alloy. This kind of valve is called as hard seal valve.Hard seal valves have poor sealing performance but high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and mechanical properties are better than soft seal valve.

hard seal valve

The advantage of soft seal is sealed performance is good.But the defect is easy ageing, wear and short service life.

         Hard seal valves service life is long, but the sealing performance is relatively worse than soft seal valve.

The two seals can complement each other.Soft seal valve has better sealing than hard seal valve.Such as:corrosion resistance of soft seal valve to some corrosive medium cannot meet the technological requirements. Hard seal can solve!

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