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Manual hard seal butterfly valve advantage

Writer:condiDate:2017-3-7 09:33
■ manual hard seal butterfly valve product features
Three eccentric multi-level metal hard seal butterfly valve is my company's newly developed long life, no leakage, energy-saving butterfly valve. Combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, the use of three-dimensional eccentric principle design, sealing ring with both soft and soft multi-level structure. It is suitable for cutting fluid with regulating flow rate in medium such as metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical and water supply and drainage, such as medium temperature ≤550 ℃, and reliable sealing performance.
1, three eccentric multi-level hard seal butterfly valve series of products, the fluid resistance is small, the sealing surface by the impact of small erosion, do not change the media flow, no spoiler, pressure drop small, small opening and closing torque, process performance and applicable pressure, temperature wide range.
2, the use of three eccentric oblique cone seal, the use of butterfly plate swing contact seal, seal opening and closing without wear, close off with the more tight, more reliable sealing performance, open to ensure that the sealing surface completely out of contact to ensure that the sealing surface is not damaged.
3, when the valve is open, the butterfly plate and the valve seat in the closed moment of contact, the use of butterfly plate eccentric 1, eccentric 2 quickly from the valve seat, reducing the wear of the seal, friction torque, open flexible. Eccentric cone 3 so that the valve in the open or closed when the butterfly plate through the valve seat hole, to achieve contact seal. In addition, the radius of rotation of the conical disc is greater than the radius of rotation of the sealing sub-contact position. Therefore, the butterfly plate will become more tight when the valve is closed, and the self-locking can be realized.
4, the sealing surface selection D507Mo and cobalt-based carbide and other materials, with corrosion resistance, high temperature, long service life characteristics, to overcome the use of high temperature thermal expansion valve easy to leak shortcomings.
5, butterfly plate seal with soft and hard laminated metal sheet, it has a flexible seal and soft and hard multi-level seal compatible dual characteristics, both in the anti-corrosion, high temperature conditions, have a good seal.
6, conventional high-performance butterfly valve is a double eccentric design, see the figure a, b (that is, the drive shaft from the flange center line and offset from the sealing center line) and three eccentric butterfly valve on the basis of the seat center line Body center line to form a ? angle offset, making the butterfly valve in the opening and closing process, the butterfly plate sealing surface in the opening moment immediately from the valve seat sealing surface, and in the closing moment will contact and press the sealing surface. When fully opened, a gap between the two sealing surfaces forms a gap C, which completely eliminates the mechanical wear and abrasion between the two sealing surfaces and changes the sealing between the seals and seals the contact seal so that the butterfly valve The sealing performance and service life have been greatly improved.

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