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Manual lining of the fluorine ball valve

Writer:condiDate:2017-3-6 14:54
■ manual lining fluorine ball valve product features
The basic series of Q41F46 is the basic series of Q41F46, which has the following advantages: the fluid resistance, the opening and closing speed, the compact structure and so on.
1, the use of F46 lining layer of the ball valve, with high chemical stability, widely applicable to a variety of highly corrosive media.
2, the use of full diameter, floating ball structure, the valve can be within the entire pressure range without leakage off, more convenient piping system cleaning and piping maintenance.
3, the opening and closing pieces of the ball and the stem as a whole, put an end to the pressure caused by the valve stem out of the possibility of pressure parts, and fully ensure the use of safe and reliable.
4, the flow of large area, the valve body cavity space minimum, reducing the media retention; In addition, the special molding process, so that the sealing surface density is good, coupled with the cone plane seal combination, reliable to ensure sealing performance.

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