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The advantages of the knife gate valve

Writer:condiDate:2017-3-1 14:35
■ Overview of the knife gate
Knife gate valve - also known as knife-type gate valve, knife-type slurry valve. From the eighties into China, in less than two decades, its use from the general field to expand to a wider range of industries. From the mine power plant coal preparation, drainage, slagging, the development of the city's sewage treatment, from the general development of industrial pipelines to food, health, medicine and other professional pipeline system. Ultra-thin knife gate valve with its small size, small flow resistance, light weight, easy to install, easy to dismantle, etc. completely solve the common gate valve, flat gate valve, globe valve, regulating valve, butterfly valve and other types of valve resistance, Large, difficult to install, covers an area and other difficult problems. After the knife gate valve appears, a large number of universal cut-off valves and regulating valves have been replaced.
My company's PZ-type knife gate valve to absorb the advantages of advanced technology and structure at home and abroad, ruled out the other manufacturers produced knife gate valve in the use of the lack of a light, simple structure, compact sealing performance, long service life, With the cutting medium and other advantages, the sealing principle is through the gate in the closed at the end of the gate ramps face on the valve body on the wedge block so that the gate close to the sealing surface to seal the effect, and the bottom of the ramps with Cut off the function of the media, making the valve is not susceptible to blocking the media jam. Its structure can be made of hard seal, soft seal, according to the customer requirements of the seal selection.
It is widely used in papermaking, petrochemical, mining, drainage, food and other industries. It is widely used in paper, petrochemical, mining, drainage, food and other industries. With a variety of seat to choose from, and can be based on site control needs, equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators, to achieve the valve automation.
■ knife gate valve product features
1, the valve body with a single design, fluid resistance is small, flexible and convenient operation.
2, manual knife gate screw drive with double plane bearing design, making the transmission friction greatly reduced to facilitate the opening and closing the valve.
3, the knife gate valve seal seat with active seal, and the use of O-ring preload to provide preload to seal the valve seat close to the valve plate, greatly reduce the amount of leakage in the long-term use of the seal of the wear and tear are automatically compensated Function, improve the service life of the valve.
4, fixed guide claws, no groove design, easy to cause media accumulation and jamming.
5, the seat can be based on the needs of media and mining, the choice of metal hard seal or soft seal: the use of hard chrome plating or surface nitriding treatment, so that the gate is more wear-resistant, sealing surface life; Optional PTFE, NBR, EPDM valve seat, good sealing, corrosion resistance.

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