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Rubber flap check valve characteristics

Writer:condiDate:2017-3-1 14:30
■ H44X rubber flap check valve product overview
H44X (SFCV) rubber flap check valve mainly body, bonnet and rubber flap three main components. The rubber flap by the steel plate, steel bar and strengthen the nylon cloth to do the substrate, the outer coat made of rubber, valve flap life of up to 100 million times. The valve with full-flow area design, with a small loss of head, easy to accumulate debris, easy maintenance and other characteristics. The valve is mainly used for water supply and drainage system, can be installed in the pump outlet to prevent backflow and water hammer damage to the pump. The valve can also be installed in the reservoir inlet and outlet pipes on the bypass pipe to prevent the water back to the water supply system.
■ H44X rubber flap check valve main parts materials
Part Name Valve Body Valve Flap
Material Cast Steel Cast Iron Steel + Reinforced Nylon Cloth
■ H44X rubber flap check valve main technical parameters
Nominal pressure 1.0 ~ 1.6MPa
Nominal diameter 50 ~ 600mm
Applicable medium water and weak corrosive fluid
Applicable temperature 0-80 ℃
Flange standard GB / T17241.6 GB / T9113
Test standard GB / T13927 API598

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