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Flange use features and advantages

Writer:CondiDate:2017-2-28 13:23
Flange in the use of a certain working principle, according to a certain production process and technology to produce and use, the flange in the use of a certain working principle, the flange works is the use of flange in the insulating gasket and high strength Insulation pads are electrically insulated from each other and are electrically insulated from both sides of the flange. The flange is in accordance with a certain working principle of work, in actual use according to the actual engineering, our flange insulation performance according to "flange design technical requirements" (SY / T0516--1997) in the relevant requirements and (SYJ23-86) in the test method, according to the corresponding principles and methods, the test results show that: insulation pads and fastening bolts of the insulation pad in the insulation work The resistance between surfaces can meet the specification requirements. Flange in the use of a good value and role in the use of different industries and fields can play an important role and value in which to show good role and value.
Large use of the flange in accordance with certain circumstances and the use of the environment for different use of the use of the use of the flange in accordance with the characteristics and advantages of use, to the use and construction can play an important role and value.
The use of the flange:
The flange is used in the buried pipe valve of the transmission pipe network where the cathodic protection is carried out and at the point where the potential slice (area) is to be isolated. (Area) isolation can be more clearly grasp the film (area) pipe network cathodic protection; the cathodic protection chip (area) to evaluate, for different cathodic protection situation for processing ; When the protection of the adjacent film (area) the same (or similar) and to meet the protection potential requirements, the cross-section of the insulation flange can be connected on both sides of the unified protection; when the adjacent film (area) of the protection potential difference between the larger (Area) where the protection potential is not reached, the sheet (area) which can not reach the protection potential is subjected to special treatment until it meets the requirements.
Flange Features and Benefits:
Flange has a strong applicability, can be used in different areas, the method produced by the flange of the oil and gas field pressure PN ≥ 2.5MPa long-distance pipeline, station and other insulating flange used. Just change the flange to the appropriate level of the special flange can be used exactly the same.
Flange in different places and countries to use, in different areas to play a different role and value, can help users play an important role and value

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